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Joyalukkas Diamond E-Gift Card

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Joyalukkas has grown into an international authority in precious jewelry, enjoying the patronage of over 10 million customers worldwide. Joyalukkas’ commitment to quality and excellence in design has been vouched for by thousands of discerning customers, including major movie stars. Whether the women in your life crave for traditional jewelry or international designs, a gift voucher from Joyalukkas is all they need.
Redeemable only in diamond ornaments in Joyalukkas outlets.
This eGift Card needs to be presented to the cashier at the store before final billing of your purchase(s).
This eGift Card is valid at Joyalukkas outlets in India.
This eGift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.
The bearer of this eGift Card is the title holder and is entitled to exchange it for jewellery as per value indicated.
This eGift Card cannot be redeemed for gold/ silver bars/coins.
No returns and no refunds on eGift Card shipped by Please check the refund policy at for further details.

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